Creating a New Video Series, plus Studying for BTL1

New Video Series

I decided to start a video series dedicated to exploring cybersecurity concepts through installing, configuring, and securing a virtual network based on Linux. As I’ve spent more time making videos, I’ve come to see how they can be a great way not only to share knowledge and demonstrate skills to potential employers, but also to teach yourself these things, and reinforce concepts that you may know but not be very familiar with. I’ve got most of the script and the sequence finished for the next video, which I’ve set a deadline for of 4/24. My plan is to release a video covering a particular facet of cybersecurity each video, with a new video being uploaded every 3 weeks.

Blue Team Level 1 Exam

For the past 2 months I’ve been studying for the Blue Team Level 1 certification, which culminates in an exam with a 24-hour time limit that tests everything you’ve learned from the domains taught. The exam simulates a network incident, and the NDA policy forbids sharing any details beyond those publicly available. All I know is that it’ll be exciting to put all of this stuff into practice that I’ve learned about phishing, incidence response, SIEM, and so forth.

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