Decided to stop learning lua

For a while, I was learning a scripting language called lua, which I found really interesting because it’s the language you use to modify the game called “Garry’s Mod”. Now, me and my daughter have been playing Garry’s Mod for about 7 years now. And when I started learning python and computer programming made a lot of sense to me, I got caught up in the idea of doing cool stuff with Garry’s Mod mainly to make things interesting for me and my daughter.

I did a couple of mods, which I’m going to do a video or two about in the near future. In one of them, I put our cat in the game, and in the other I pranked my daughter by making the mod play a certain sound from Roblox, which was something that she played when she was really young. Now, I had thought about getting really, really ambitious, and doing a full on game mode for Garry’s Mod based on a game that we play now called “Identity V”. There were elements of Identity V that just made a lot of sense, programming wise. Like there are these things called “Cipher Machines”, and I could see in my head how to do them in lua. However, I kind of took it a bit too far and started attempting to work on a game mode that would replicate Identity V in Garry’s Mod.

Really, all I really wanted to do was impress my daughter and show her how skilled I was. But I realized it’s not really necessary. I can take that time I was using to learn lua, and invest even more in cybersecurity topics. So it was fun coding in lua, and my daughter got a kick out of the “prank” I pulled on her, but I’m done with “gmodding”.

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