I’m working on a Python program that I came up with to help me divide time into different intervals. While I’m at work, it seems to make time go by faster if I keep track of things based on intervals of time, like 15 minutes, 13 minutes, or whatever it takes.

If you divide time up by 15 minute intervals, that’s easy. However, when you start using uneven intervals, it gets harder to divide up time.

So, this program will divide up time into uneven intervals and make it easier to track.

I used a program called Pencil to help me design the interface, and I made some progress figuring out how to get Python to deal with time (using the datetime library). Here’s a screenshot of the final interface design in Pencil.

The final interface in Pencil

I hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks. I’m spending a couple of hours at a time writing it.

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